Sunday, 18 February 2007

‘The Time of Our Lives - an Educational Vacation for Kirsty

I don’t usually endorse other company’s products or services on my blog, but I felt I just had to give this company a mention, as they had been so helpful, kind and obliging, not just to myself but also to my ‘Planner’ of the holiday, Kirsty. In the past week from Saturday 12 February until yesterday I took my son’s partner’s oldest child, Kirsty, who is 15 years old, on an 8 day ‘educational’ holiday to Barcelona in Spain. As she had to plan it all, as a condition of the holiday taking place, virtually identical to the planning that my homeschooled son did for our trip to Australia (see my archived Blog) all within 2 days.

We arrived back yesterday and enjoyed the time of our lives thanks I think in a big part to as part of their ‘one-stop digital destination for travelers worldwide’ experience. Our relaxing holiday in Barcelona was specially formulated to maximize our enjoyment. They were very welcoming and did everything to cater for our every need and wish. Both Kirsty and I browsed their informative and well constructed colourful website, where the hotels and type of rooms, within our budget range, we required on the dates we required, with the comforts of home, were given in a well-illustrated and written way, in what I believe was a warm and welcoming atmosphere, by a team of excellently-trained customer-service-orientated professional staff. have accommodation details to suit every budget from 1* basic rooms, to 5* luxury, with a best price guarantee. They have a number of competitively-priced deals, specials and discounts for all types of accommodation. Our accommodation was located strategically set close to the traditional Barcelona Centre with multi-lingual staff, as we requested and a location map was also included on the website to show its exact location. The customer service and support we received in person and on the website was excellent, when we enquired about anything including restaurants and their recommendations on educational places to visit within the city.

Their website
also gave an abridged, but comprehensive account of
Barcelona’s cultural history, location, geographical features, as well as Restaurants, bars, cafes etc, with a content that makes you feel that you’re already there.

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